All about me ....

I'm Alison, the face behind Oh My Pom Pom and this is me pictured with my lovely husband Kris!

So a bit about me: I live with my Husband and family in the lovely little town of Amble by the Sea in rural Northumberland and I’m a Mum of four to two amazing grown up children and two totally wonderful little ones. 

I started Oh My Pom Pom by selling wool pom pom baskets in my daughter's shop and as I became busier, I decided to take it further and my hobby then became my business and it's perfect for working from home around my children. 

I created my Nursery Collection after searching for something a little bit different for my little ones' room. I had in mind something different, but also fresh and simple that I could add my child's name to and my first Pom Pom Bunny was then born, with the rest of my collection evolving shortly after. 


My children are forever my inspiration and always in my mind when creating new ideas and my products start life in their rooms first and if they like it, I'm happy. 

Having two small children means I have busy and very often challenging days, so most of my work is done during the night when everyone else is asleep;  but I love it and wouldn’t change a thing!

Alison x