Choosing the right colours for your nursery and why it matters

Can the colour of your nursery really influence your baby's mood and personality?

According to colour theorists it can.

It's now 2021 and the start of a New Year and what this will bring is anyone's guess, but it is predicted to be the year of a baby boom; mostly due to all those long, long lockdown days and nights people have had to fill stuck at home.

When you’re expecting a new arrival, if you’re like me, when my husband and I were going through the adoption process Pinterest became my new best friend. Scrolling endlessly through picture perfect nurseries can become quickly addictive, Instagram also fuels this room-envy fire, and it seems at first glance the paler the room the better.

But have you ever thought about how colour affects wellbeing and how the colour scheme you choose for your child's room can influence their mood and personality?

I hadn’t, I knew the colours I liked, I saw the colours everyone on social media liked but I wanted a room that would be perfect for my children. A room that would be calm, comforting and nurturing for them.

So, can the colours you choose really have that much of an impact?

Apparently, they can, so read on and we'll look at the theory behind some of the most popular colours for modern nurseries.

Modern Colour Theory and what it means

Grey is a colour that features heavily in modern nurseries, theorists say it’s a colour that’s introspective, intuitive and emotional as it’s often used to contemplate life, but It can also promote thought and emotion.

Grey is also a colour to be careful with, as it's often linked to feelings of sadness and loneliness: just think how you feel on a cloudy day when everywhere looks grey and miserable, and you just crave some brightness around you.

That's not to say it isn't a good choice to use, but maybe pick a warmer tone to use as a base then mix in some brighter colours to help lift the room.

White is seen as clean, pure and innocent. It's said it can promote secretiveness, a feeling of emptiness and used as one colour can often look very bland.

As with grey, as a base colour it's perfect to mix with careful splashes of colour to help evoke emotion and openness. Maybe an all white nursery for practical reasons isn't the best idea with little ones, but it would certainly make the perfect blank canvas for your little artists!

Yellow is a colour we all associate as being lively, energetic and cheerful.

Yellow is sunny and bright but theorists say it should be used sparingly as a full room colour. It's said that too much, or too bright yellow can agitate a baby, whereas a subtle soft yellow is said to promote concentration and emotive thoughts.

Orange feels warm, comforting and cosy and its a also a very comfortable colour.

It promotes a welcoming feeling and it's said to inspire personal connections.

Orange is seen as friendly and can help you relax.

It's a good choice for any room and in particular a nursery where accents in a darker orange will create a super cosy atmosphere, or maybe use touches of bright orange for a modern twist.

Blue is thought to be the colour of healing and a subtle blue can also be very calming.

But be careful with the shade you choose, as too much of a grey-blue can lean towards feelings of sadness.

Blue is said to increase productivity and in a nursery, use warm or bright blues and avoid overusing navy or dark shades. Blue is also seen as cooling, which is good for a baby who gets warm easily.

Pink is seen as romantic, loving and feminine. It’s no coincidence that little girls love pink.

It's been built up to be the universal colour of all things girly. Pink is also very calming and can be used as an accent colour, or an all over colour in a nursery.

There are so may different shades of pink there's bound to be one just perfect for the look you want to achieve.

Green symbolises nature and is refreshing and nurturing. It's said to be the best colour to use in a learning environment as it promotes calmness of thinking and concentration.

Green is also very serene and natural and has a soothing effect on the body and mind, reducing anxiety.

Green is said to have so many benefits that it's one of the most popular colours for decorating a nursery.

So there it is, a quick rundown on basic colour theory. There's lots more info out there if you want to really look deeper into this.

Obviously when it comes down to it, how you decorate your nursery is always a very personal choice and an exciting part of preparing for a new arrival.

So what colours did I decide on for the room for my two?

Well, eventually I went with a jungle theme, but with very soft colours of yellow, green and blue. I did use white as a base colour and had garlands of soft wool pom poms around the walls.

I was so pleased with the finished result, it ticked all the colour theory boxes, however, it didn't even last a year when my boys decided they liked dinosaurs better.

Now its all clashing bright colours - but they like it and that's all that matters.

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